Sally Markwell

Cross Departmental Senior Lecturer In Public Health And Nursing


Sally’s teaching in the UK and Hong Kong over the past 5 years has focused upon both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Nursing Studies and Public Health. She has also developed a suite of non-accredited courses as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the wider public health workforce with funding from Health Education Thames Valley. She has 5 years’ experience as a public health training consultant delivering face to face and on-line courses with the Department of Health and across UK health and local authority sectors. She holds a further 10 years of experience in acute (intensive care) and community (school) nursing, as well as 18 years as a public health specialist within the public sector in the UK. She has also spent 6 years directing an international charity (1990-1996), focusing upon the development of health education and health promoting services in Romania.


UK - BSc Nursing Studies

  • Health Promotion distance learning

Hong Kong - BSc (Hons) Health Care Studies (Nursing)

  • Clinical and Professional Leadership
  • Critical Appraisal of Research
  • Dissertation
  • Facilitating Workplace Learning
  • Health Promotion
  • Quality and Clinical Governance
  • Study Skills

UK - MSc in Public Health and MSc Nursing Studies

  • Advanced Health Promotion (face to face / online)
  • Dissertation
  • Epidemiology
  • Foundations in Public Health
  • Public Health Policy

Funded Projects

Public Health Short Courses
Sally is currently project lead for this collaborative training programme providing basic and advanced short courses aligned with the public health core functions outlined by the Faculty of Public Health. Each course is delivered through a hybrid design of online and face to face workshops encouraging active independent learning. Course content focuses upon: addressing inequalities in health, asset mapping, community development, change management, collaboration, communication, complex environments, conflict and culture, epidemiology, evidence based practice, health needs assessment, health promotion and education, monitoring and evaluation, participatory action research, policy and strategy development and statistics.

Thames Valley Public Health Network
Sally is also project lead for the development of this virtual network, (, funded through Health Education Thames Valley. The site provides information concerning public health and educational events to support the continuing professional development (CPD) needs for the public health workforce across the Thames Valley region.

Research Interests

Public Health
Sally has undertaken research in Eastern Europe with a focus upon Effective Strategies for Health Promotion and Educational Practice within Romanian Communities.

Internationalisation of the Curriculum
Sally has recently been working with the Health Education Academy (2012) to provide curriculum content and approaches in the development of case studies for the HEA Internationalisation Project (HEAIP) – with a focus upon Global Health, providing case study frameworks to address the with Millennium Development Goals (MDG 5 - improving maternal health and (MDG 6) - combating HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other diseases for UK and Australia.

Multi-sectoral Partnerships
Sally is recognised as a specialist in the development of multi-sectoral partnerships within health and social care. She is currently engaged in the validation of a bespoke evaluation tool for Improving Partnership Practice (IPP), which can be adapted for partnership, team and group working at locality, regional, national and international levels.

Group Memberships

  • HEA Special Interest Group on Internationalisation of the Curriculum



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  • Markwell, S. (1998) 'Exploration of conflict theory as it relates to healthy alliances', In Scriven, A. (ed.) Alliances in Health Promotion: Theory and Practice. Basingstoke: Macmillan

Refereed Publications

  • Markwell, S; Watson, J; Speller, V; Platt, S and Younger, T. (2003) The Working Partnership London: Health Development Agency
  • Markwell, S. & Speller, V. (2002) Monitoring Tools for Pembrokeshire Alliance for Health The Wessex Institute University of Southampton: Crown Copyright
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  • Watson, J., Speller, V., Markwell, S. & Platt, S. (2000) The Verona Benchmark – applying evidence to improve the quality of partnership. Promotion & Education. VII. 2000(2) 16-23.

In Preparation

  • Markwell S and Kerry A Reflective Practice in Wills S and Dalrymple R Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice: A Systems Approach (January 2015)

Online Publications

HealthKnowledge (2009-2010)

  • Identifying and managing internal and external stakeholder interests
  • Structuring and managing inter-organisational (network) relationships, including intersectoral work, collaborative working practices and partnerships
  • Social networks and communities of interest
  • Assessing the impact of political, economic, socio-cultural, environmental and other external influences Historical development of personal health services and of public health
  • Health service development and planning
  • Public and carer consultation and involvement in health service planning professional accountability - clinical governance, performance and appraisal Interactions between managers, doctors and others
  • The theoretical and practical aspects of power and authority, role and conflict
  • Strategy communication and strategy implementation in relation to health care

Interactice Learning Modules

  • Learning from Stakeholders
  • Collaborative Working for Health
  • Policy and Strategy Development and Implementation
Sally Markwell