Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan joined the Social Work teaching team in June 2011 as senior lecturer . Jonathan is the interim subject coordinator for the Post graduate programme. This involves having oversight of the students and their programmes. Jonathan's main area of interest is social work with children. He teaches Post Graduate and Undergraduate modules and an online module for the MSc in Child Welfare and Wellbeing course.

Jonathan gained his social wark qualification at Leeds University in 1978. He has worked in the areas of  mental health , disability and children's services. He has worked in various local authorities from South Yorkshire to Berkshire and Oxfordshire to Hertfordshire where he was Head of Children Looked After services, an authority with with over 1000 children in the care system as well as care leavers . As a senior manager his role  was mainly strategic and developmental but also covered all aspects of the service such as fostering, residential care, adoption, brokerage and fieldwork (case work) teams. Jonathan is now a member of the Oxfordshire adoption panel.

Jonathan gained his MBA at Reading University where his dissertation was on the the financial challenges facing looked after children services where external placements with the private and independent sector were threatening to get out of control. He gained his Post graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education in 2013.

Jonathan is not new to social work education, having been a practice teacher many years ago. In 1987 to 1992 he worked in Malaysia where he set up a basic social work course for workers in the voluntary sector. . In 2006 he set up the Buckinghamshire Graduate  Trainee scheme . Jonathan is now supporting the Malaysian Association of Social Workers to set up a social work diploma in Malaysia.

Jonathan has always been an advocate for training and development in the social care workforce and is keen to support Brookes students in a career which is both demanding and rewarding.

Jonathan Fisher


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