Professor Jane Appleton


Jane is a Professor in Primary and Community Care in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Jane joined Oxford Brookes University in 2000. Prior to this she was a Principal Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. As a Health Visitor by background she has a long standing professional practice and research interest in child protection issues and work with vulnerable families. Jane has recently completed a 3 year postdoctoral research programme: ‘Safeguarding Children: The Management and Organisation of Child Protection Responsibilities in Primary Care' which was funded by the Health Foundation Consortium.
In 2004, Jane represented the CPHVA (Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association) as a member of the Chief Nursing Officer's Steering Group for the CNO's Review of the Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting Contribution for ‘Every Child Matters'. She is a National Executive Committee member of BASPCAN (British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) and recently a member of the National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health (NCC-WCH), NICE Clinical Guideline Development group on ‘When to suspect child maltreatment' which was published in July 2009. Jane is also a nurse member of Coventry and Warwickshire Reseaerch Ethics Committee. In June 2012 Jane was a member of a DH task and finish group on Enhancing Safeguarding Professional Practice. Jane leads the Children and Families Research Group.

Research Interests

Jane's doctoral thesis focused on health visitors' professional judgements and use of formal guidelines to identify health needs and prioritise families requiring extra health visiting support. Jane's current research interests include:
  • Safeguarding children and child protection
  • Health visiting assessment
  • Children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing
  • Parenting
  • Childhood obesity



  • Course Leader - MSc in Children, Young People and Family Wellbeing
  • Module Leader - P45000 Risk and Protection
  • Subject Co-ordinator Children and Families
  • MSc Research Supervision
  • Postgraduate Research Tutor (Admissions)
  • PhD Research Supervision


Current Research Grants

  • Appleton, J.V., Pike, N. and Powell, C (2013- 2014) The child sexual exploitation (CSE) knowledge and training needs of health care staff:  an audit study.  Funded by Health Education, Thames Valley.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Powell, C (2013-2014) Professional and organizational responses to children's missed health care appointments: a child protection concern?  Pilot work . Funded by NSPCC.
  • Appleton, J.V. (Aug 2012- Aug 2013) Developing on-line learning resources to develop trainee health visitors' skills in assessing mother-infant interactions. Funded by Higher Education Academy (HEA) Teaching Development Grant.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Coombes, L. (Nov. 2012 - Mar. 2013) Interventions to families who are under the child protection categories of neglect/emotional abuse. Funded by Faculty.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Martin, J. ( 2012-2013) Exploring lifestyles with adolescent patients. Funded by Oxford Brookes.


Recent Research Grants

  • Appleton, J.V. and Powell, C (2012) Children's missed health care appointments: A Scoping Review. Funded by NSPCC.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Coombes, L. (Nov. 2011- Nov. 2012) Evaluation of Action for Children Schools Impact. Funded by Action for Children.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Aveyard, H. (2012) A systematic review of standardised tools for assessing parent-infant interactions. Funded by Faculty.
  • Appleton, J.V., Martin, J. and Kennedy, S. (June 2012- Dec. 2012) A Review of Assessment Tools to Measure Childhood Overweight and Obesity. Funded by British Academy.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Oates, J. (2010) Collaborative working with Children’s Centres: a research and development project. Funded by DH. Collaborative study: with Open University.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Coombes, L. (2009) A pilot study of the Strengthening Families model of child protection conferences to examine interagency working, family and outcomes for children'. Funded by British Council. Collaborative study: with CRIPACC University of Hertfordshire and Kanazawa Medical University, Japan.
  • partnership and outcomes for children at risk. Funded by University Central Research Fund and Oxford County Council.
  • Appleton, J.V. and Ritchie, C. (2009) ‘What works in tackling the effects of child deprivation? A literature review'. Funded by Action for Children
  • Appleton, J.V. and Ritchie, C. (2009) ‘National and international perspectives on the role, process and function of child protection conferences. What works in promoting child wellbeing?'. Funded by Oxford Brookes Central Research Fund.
  • Appleton, J.V., Harris, M. and Oates J. (2008) ‘A Pilot Study To Evaluate The Accuracy of Health Visitor Assessments of The Quality of Mother-Infant Interactions'. Funded by Burdett Trust for Nursing.
  • Appleton, J.V. (2008) ‘Child Abuse Research Development Work'. Funded by Oxford Brookes University Central Research Fund.
  • Kendall, S., Kitaoka, K, Appleton, J.V., Bloomfield, L. and Petrie, J. (2008) ‘A comparative study of the effect of group based parenting support on parental stress
  • Appleton, J.V. (2003-2007) ‘Safeguarding Children: The Management and Organisation of Child Protection Responsibilities in Primary Care', Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Funded by PPP Consortium for Healthcare Research.

Research Degree Students

Bridget Taylor - Sexuality in life-limiting illness: a phenomenological study.
Suzanne Watts - An Exploration of the referral and communication systems between primary health care professionals and children's social care services.
Briony Enser - Alcohol Driven Harm to Others
Jane is co-editor of Child Abuse Review (journal website).

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed publications

  • Appleton J.V., Coombes, L and Terletski E (In press) Implementing the Strengthening Families approach to Child Protection Conferences.  British Journal of Social Work.
  • Appleton J.V., Terletski E and Coombes, L (2013) The use of sociograms to explore collaboration in Child Protection Conferences.  Children and Youth Services Review. 35(12): 2140–2146.
  • Kendall S, Bloomfield L. Appleton J, and Kitaoka K, (2013) Efficacy of a group-based parenting program on stress and self-efficacy among Japanese mothers: A quasi-experimental study Nursing and Health Sciences. Jun 3. doi: 10.1111/nhs.12054.
  • Appleton J.V, Harris, M., Oates, J. and Kelly, C. (2013) Evaluating health visitor assessments of mother-infant interactions: a mixed methods study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 45: 682-696.
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  • Powell C. and Appleton J.V. (2012) Children and young people's missed health care appointments: Reconceptualising 'Did Not Attend' to 'Was Not Brought' - a review of the evidence for practice. Journal of Research in Nursing. 17(2): 181-192.
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Jane Appleton


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