Dr Sally Richards

Visiting Fellow (Social Work)


Sally joined the faculty in May 2010. Before this she was a lecturer at the Universities of Reading and Southampton. Since her PhD (an ethnographic study of the community care needs assessment of older people), Sally's research and publications have focused on work with older people in social and health care settings and on issues in social work education. She is a member of Gero (G) 8, a special interest group whose members are academics engaged in research and teaching in gerontology and gerontological social work. The group work to promote and enhance professional practice with older people and their families, primarily through developing research and resources to support social work practitioners and students working in this area. Most recently Sally has worked with Gero (G) 8 to develop an online resource for continuing professional development in Social Work Practice with Older People commissioned by the Chief Social Worker for Adults. Her presentation on Newly Qualified Social Workers and work with older people and other presentations by members of Gero (G8) at a 'Making Research Count' day seminarRethinking Social Work with Older People’, are also available on-line.

Sally has a particular interest in spirituality and social work and spirituality and ageing and is on the steering group of the Spiritual Care of Older People project (SCOP) for the Oxford Diocese. Sally is joint author, with Michelle Lefevre and Pamela Trevithick, of the multi-media e-learning resources on Communication Skills published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Sally's first degree was in philosophy and politics at the University of York, where she also completed her social work training. After qualifying she worked as a probation officer in Leeds.


Membership of Professional Bodies

Research Student

  • PhD student Jill Buckeldee; topic: spirituality in psycho-dynamic counselling completed December 2015

Research interests

  • Gerontological social work
  • Spirituality and ageing
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Research ethics
  • Narratives in practice and research
  • Critical and reflective practice

Selected Publications


Book chapter

  • Richards, S., Bhatti-Sinclair, K., Borrill, W., Dominelli, L., & Waldman, J. (2000), Developing Partnership in Social Work Education in Britain, in Callahan, M., and Hessle, S. (eds), Valuing the Field: Child Welfare in an International Context, Ashgate.

Peer reviewed papers (since 2000)

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Other research publications (since 2000)

  • Richards, S. (2017) Research review: Depression in Older Adults, Community Care InformAdults.

  • Richards, S. (2015) Research review: Spirituality and Later Life, Community Care InformAdults.
  • Steiner, A. (ed), Campbell, S., Raven, A., Richards, S., Robison, J., Roland, M., Webb, D. (2001) Does PMS Improve Quality of Care? Final Report to the Department of Health from the Quality of Care Project, National Evaluation of Primary Care Act Personal Medical Services (PCAPMS) Pilots.
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E-learning resources

Book Reviews

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Sally Richards