Dr Lesley Smith

Reader Maternal and Women's Public Health

Personal Profile

Lesley's research is concerned with developing and testing new measures for assessing health risk behaviours such as drinking alcohol, dietary habits and activity levels of women of childbearing age, and developing novel behavioural interventions to improve their health and well-being. A particular focus is research that seeks to understand how to improve health risk behaviours during pregnancy and how to engage under-represented women. She leads the Oxford Brookes University Maternal and Women's Public Health (OxBUMP) group which undertakes research to understand factors that help people live longer in good health by reducing preventable disease, and inform guidelines for best practice in labour and childbirth.

Postgraduate teaching

  • MSc Public Health - Epidemiology and Statistics
  • Applied Health Research Methods workshops and courses

Research interests

  • Health risk behaviours in young women and during pregnancy
  • Identification and brief advice (IBA) for risk drinking amongst pregnant women
  • Research methods including systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Current research grants

  • Assessment of young people’s exposure to alcohol promotion on digital media (Funded by The European Foundation for Alcohol Research - ERAB)
  • Evaluation of “Stay With Your Midwife” a lifestyle and weight management programme for pregnant women funded by NHS England
  • Exploratory study assessing physical activity levels during pregnancy and childbirth outcomes (Funded by OBU and Santander student bursaries)
  • Update of Trends in Alcohol Use in the UK (funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

Research students

Sarah Howcutt - Engaging under-represented young women in studies that explore health risk behaviours

Jane Henderson - Women's experiences of maternity care and influences on childbirth outcomes

Victoria Coathup - Exploration of dietary intake and alcohol consumption during pregnancy: a mixed methods study

Sarah Hennelly - Developing and testing a mindfulness-based intervention to decrease unhealthy behaviours during pregnancy


Statistical Editor Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Review Group


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Lesley Smith


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